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Walbro Inline Fuel Pumps

Authentic Walbro, made in the USA.

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Walbro inline fuel pumps are ideal fuel pump replacements and upgrades for:

- Vehicles with faulty inline fuel pumps.
- Vehicles with expensive or hard to replace intank fuel pumps.
- Vehicles used for racing or performance purposes where higher pressure fuel is necessary.

Inline fuel pump specs:
- OE-proven second generation.
- Fits most EFI applications including turbo and supercharged.
- Variety of pressures and flows available, including high pressure performance.
- All metal shell including inlet and outlet.
- 10mm x 1mm threaded inlet and outlet accept a variety of fittings.
- The 400-939 kit include two standard universal fittings which can connect to any 5/16 inch hose.
- Lightweight, compact design.
- QS9000 certified.

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Universal Walbro Inline Fuel Pumps

Walbro Inline Fuel Pump Individual fuel pump. Accessories and fittings sold separately below.

GSL391 190LPH $109.99 GSL391 Flow Chart
GSL392 255LPH High Pressure
$119.99 GSL392 Flow Chart
GSL393 160LPH
$109.99 GSL393 Flow Chart
GSL394 190LPH High Pressure
$109.99 GSL394 Flow Chart
GSL395 130LPH
$109.99 GSL395 Flow Chart

Click here for Walbro Inline Fuel Pump Dimensions and Specs

Non-Fuel Pump / International Shipping $10.00

Free shipping and handling for all fuel pumps sent within the United States!

Walbro Inline Fuel Pump Accessories

Universal 400-939 Inline Fuel Pump Install Kit Universal 400-939 Inline Fuel Pump Install Kit

Includes both the 400-920 and 400-929 kit as well as two standard size fittings.


Walbro 400-920 Mounting Clamp and Sleeve Kit Walbro 400-920 Mounting Clamp and Sleeve Kit

Includes one sleeve which protects the inline fuel pump and ensures a more quite operation. Also includes two mounting brackets.


Walbro 400-929 Hardware Kit Walbro 400-929 Hardware Kit

Includes wire connections and 2 x fitting o-rings.


Intank Fuel Filter Intank Fuel Filter

Connects to the 128-3025 inline fuel pump fitting (sold below) allowing you to mount your Walbro inline fuel pump inside the tank (modification the the fuel sending unit may be required). Also can be used with inline fuel pumps without an intank fuel pump feeding it. Simply replace your in tank fuel pump with a fuel line and this filter.


Low Pressure Braided Fuel Line Low Pressure Braided Fuel Line

Will support up to 50 PSI. Great for connecting fuel from the gas tank to the inline fuel pump. Not recommended for outgoing flow line. Priced per foot. Available in up to 10 feet increments. Two line clamps (below) recommended for each line.

$7.49 Per Foot

Braided Fuel Line Clamp Braided Fuel Line Clamp

Installs at the each end of our 5/16" braided fuel line to ensure a tight fit.

$4.99 Each

5/16" Fuel Line Splitter 5/16" Fuel Line Splitter

Necessary to add an additional inline fuel pump or accessory (check valve, etc) to the fuel line.


Non-Fuel Pump / International Shipping $10.00

Free shipping and handling for all fuel pumps sent within the United States!

Inline Fuel Pump Fittings

128-3012 (Bundy)
128-3014 (9MM Multi-Barb)

128-3015 (12MM Multi-Barb)

128-3023 (10MM Threaded)

128-3024 (8MM Single Barb)
128-3025 (12MM Outside Diameter)
128-3026 (15MM Outside Diameter)
128-3027 (12MM Banjo)
128-3028 (14MM DIN)
128-3039 (AN-6)

128-3040 (AN-8)

128-3041 (12MM Female)

128-3042 (14MM Banjo)

128-3057 (10.5MM Multi-Barb)

128-3075 (12MM Threaded)

Non-Fuel Pump / International Shipping $10.00

Free shipping and handling for all fuel pumps sent within the United States!

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